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Healing using Ritual &  Ceremony


Healing Packages

I offer healing in a deep and compassionate way that works with your own energy, beliefs and values.  Each ceremony will be created for you individually and no two healings will be the same.

It is my belief that healing has many layers and as such needs to allow for mind, body and soul to cleanse and heal fully.  I use a combination of talking/listening, vibrational energy healing and ceremony to bring about the best healing possible.

This can include various healing tools, music & sound, nature, crystals, scent, expression through dance and movement or artwork – whatever is called at the time.

The healing is deep and always goes where it needs to go – these sessions are not short and focused healings – they allow for whatever wants to be noticed and cleared to come up, and therefore are offered in 3 ‘packages’.


1 day Healing Retreat – one to one session where the focus is on your healing and a ceremony is created for you – timings can be flexible but would usually be 10 am til 6 pm – there will be down time within this space and cost includes snacks and lunch.

This will be followed up by an optional call or email session 2 – 4 weeks after session 


3 day Healing Retreat (non residential) – as above but with deeper healing for those who may be carrying trauma, require complex healing or would like to work on different areas of healing.

Times are Day 1 – 10 til 6 pm, Day 2 – 10 – 6 and then 7.30 – 9 and Day 3 – 10 til 4 pm.

This will be followed up by an optional call or email session 2 – 4 weeks after session


Group Healing Ceremony – This would be a themed healing ceremony – where the theme would be shared beforehand and then a group session would take place followed by the healing ceremony that would be designed according to the needs of the group – Some themes might be – Grief, Inner child, Shadow work, Stress, Self Love and Bringing back Joy. Timings for these are set individually as are prices.

Let’s Work Together

Email for more information - or to book your session. 

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